Inflammation, Diabetes, Ethnicity and Obesity [IDEO] Study at UCSF

Dear colleagues and friends:
Greetings! Hope that many of you are enjoying the Spring break. There is a study that Dr. Diana Alba and I would like to call to your attention because of the diabetes epidemic. Please help if you can.
Inflammation, Diabetes, Ethnicity and  Obesity [IDEO] Study at UCSF
The UCSF Diabetes Center is conducting a clinical research study on diabetes and needs generous participants to better understand the causes of obesity. The aim of this study is to find the differences in the relationship between obesity and metabolic complications such as diabetes and hypertension, across ethnic groups. Currently, more Chinese subjects are needed to participate in this research. You can play an important role in research by volunteering for a free and confidential study yourself, or refer friends who meet the requirements below to join this study. 
Requirement of participants:1. Chinese 2. Male/Female2. Ages 25-653. Overweight or have struggled with obesity (see table at the end of this email)
What steps are involved:1. Only 1 visit is needed to the Clinical research Center at the UCSF Parnassus campus2. Length of visit: approximately 2  hours3. The following will be done during the visit: a blood draw, a DXA scan [bone scan] to measure bone density, a stool sample collection, a set of health-related questionnaires and a fat tissue biopsy. 
Participant Incentives:In return for your time and effort you will obtain:1. $50 for at the completion the visit2. Parking or transportation assistance [ 2 muni cards] 3. Results of some the blood test  such as hemoglobin A1c [a test to screen for Diabetes and prediabetes], blood glucose level, and cholesterol panel,  as well as the DXA scan report, will be obtained for you for FREE.

Contact informationAnyone who meets the above criteria and are interested, please email with your name, age, phone number, height and weight. You will be contacted with a quick survey to confirm your eligibility. You can also call 415-476-4661
Instruction to find out if you are overweight or obese: Whether you are planning to participate in this study or not, you are encouraged to look up your weight status using the chart below. 
First find the row for your height and the corresponding weight. If your weight is above the weight listed, then you are either overweight or obese.

Thanks to all for your attention!



Diana Lau, PhD, RN, CNS
UCSF Asian Health Institute
Work: (415) 885-3898